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Filip Mrvelj:

  • Email: fmrvelj@gmail.com
  • Mobile: +491777867196
                 +385 95 9009116

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It was quiet, cryptic, secretive, and yet he recognized the rhythm. He paused in contemplation at first, for it was hard to believe it was him who got the invite, a small painter from a small country and an unknown town; yet the rhythm, the rhythm was unmistakably his. He put his brushes down and switched the lights off. It was a quiet night, moonlight flickering on a canvas among unfinished clouds and an unfinished river. First the rhythm, then the music, then the voices… So familiar, and yet so distorted. And then, silence. The night crawled off into vast battles, hiding away love, terror, happiness, and cries. He fell asleep. The dream was real. The sky opened, and the rhythm went faster, frantic, ecstatic. He jumped in his sleep, his eyelids were pulsating in the rhythm of rock ‘n’ roll: ta tattata tatat tatat attatat attattattta tatatta tata TUNDER! – We choose you, Filip. You shall be our guest, You shall spread your colors through the galaxy, your imagination, your hopes and fears. You’ll spread peace, coexistence and tolerance; you will speak through lines and shapes; you will introduce the culture of your people to the Universe… But first, you have to wake up and tell us that you accept. Only then can we assign you the mission. - ta tattata tatat tatat attatat attattattta tatatta tata TUNDER! 
He snapped out of it. Curtains were swinging in the wind, there was music from afar. He laughed as he grabbed his brushes. He went to the window, pointing his brushes to the stars. – I accept! – he said.

And then he attached his helmet……….and journey began…………..


*Mission Bosna and Herzegovina
*Mission Romania
*Mission Austria
*Mission Germany
*Mission Netherlands
*Mission France
*Mission Turkey
*Mission Thailand
*Mission Cyprus
*Mission Qatar
*Mission Estonia
*Mission Sweden

*Mission Latvia


PERSONAL DATA: born in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, EU, Europe. Living in Berlin, Germany, EU. Enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, running, flying+ traveling, talking, smiling.

EXPERIENCE: Manager of the aviation and space center Artairways, Selected as a mission specialist by ArtNASA in May 2009. In February 2010, he completed astronaut candidate training that included scientific and technical briefings, intensive instruction in shuttle and International Space Station systems, physiological training, T-38 flight training and water and wilderness survival training.

SPECIAL EXPERIENCE: in big scale 3d artworks and airplanes artworks
Mrvelj gained the distinction of being the first man to land an artcraft on the moon and first to step on its surface intention to paint on it.

SPECIAL HONORS: His biggest expedition is 1300m2 large anamorphic picture („Missing coast“) that he did in June/July 2011 in quadrant Slavonski Brod/ Croatia. The picture is painted with permanent colors and become part of river bank so in one moment when river Sava rise and when viewer take a photo it looks that river falling down in the big ground hall. In that time, official Guinness record for the largest anamorphic picture was about 750 m2 almost 600m2 less than his biggest extravehicular painting.

With international time in September 2013 ( Lelystad, Netherland) he made the longest anamorphic picture for Guinness record. The picture is 140,30 m long.(Powered by Planet Streetpainting)

He is the first artastronaut that brings 3d anamorphic art on island Cyprus( North Cyprus,Catalkoy)

He has logged more than 20,000 painting hours in more than 13 different missions over the planet Earth with special experience in all kind of colors, surfaces, indoor, outdoor, 2D, 3D, individual or team activities.